A/V Rentals

This service comes equipped with a large selection of Audio and Visual equipment that you potentially need for your parties, or events. 


Security Cameras

Theft can still occur even with locked doors, that's why we recommend having a proper security system to assure your home/business is being watched day and night.

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A/V Installations

We can cover you whether you need a single TV installed on your wall, or a completely immersive theater room for your home/business. 

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Photography and Cinematography can be exhausting if you're trying to do this for your own events, which is why we offer the combination as a service. 



We can build, maintain, or repair your computers, and laptops. 

From a simple overheating issue, to an entire computer build, we will deliver you our best. 


Live Music

We have all skills, and equipment to liven up your event/party. All live music will be produced electronically and have a DJ operating the setup.