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Introduction of Pristine Audio Visual

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Pristine Audio Visual is an all-around Audio/Visual company, that provides excellent service, whether it’s a simple installation for parties/group events, to a full corporate events/installations.

Our goal is to deliver your all around favorite services, by making it as easy as possible for you. We will take care of everything, such as cables, installation/setups, deliveries, and will even accept last minute orders/services!

All our Audio Visual technicians have at the very least two years of experience in this field, on top of being trained hand-to-hand on how our company handles business with our clients. This is done to ensure work is done correctly when our field technicians are on site, as our goal is to deliver your favorite all around services.

We offer two major different services in our company, unlike many Audio/Visual businesses. That is, a rental based system, or a permanent installation based system. We do this because we understand how important these differences are, and what separates them from one another. We highly believe that it’s important for a company to do both of these systems, as Audio/Visual is becoming more and more demanding in the world, whether it’s for Residential/Business Clients. Since these two systems are different from one another, we have two different teams of specialist to insure the equipment/services that are best for anybody’s situation.

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