With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, we have the knowledge to troubleshoot, and repair just about any issue with hardware and software on computers.

If you don't understand what is wrong with your PC, you're welcome to give us a call at 725-502-0629. We will do our best to assist you on figuring out what your issue is. Otherwise, you're welcome to request a free diagnosis on your PC or Laptop. When you bring us your computer/laptop we will sanitize it before and after beginning our work, this is done so we can protect you and our employees. 

As a computer ages, it's bound to slow down and needs to be maintained or repaired. Whether your computer simply needs to be dusted, or needs a replacement part, we are dedicated to take care of it the best we can. 

If you are looking to build a PC and don't feel too comfortable doing this on your own, we can also do this for you. Simply book an appointment for a full computer build, and bring us the parts you've ordered.

Otherwise, give us a call and we will assist you on choosing hardware for your new build. We can do a video call using ZOOM to further assist you and make things easier. Once you have the build you're looking for, we can order the parts for you with a credit/debit card over the phone, or send you an invoice with the full build and begin work once you've paid. 

Please do not send sensitive information via email.