Need a music video that is MTV, BET, CMT or FUSE ready? One that can get a million hits on YouTube and captivate your audience, bringing you new fans and attention from the music industry?  – That’s what we’re here for.

We will work to ensure that your creative vision comes to life in the final product, planning out each scene meticulously to give you a product that you are proud to call your own. Even if you don’t have an idea, or if  you have a dozen ideas, we will work with you to deliver a professional and artistic video.

We have all the gear to offer you the best shots, from Glidecam, to sliders and even aerial drones, there’s no angle we can’t get.

In post production we can really make your video pop, adding flares, lights, moving titles, special filters, and of course all footage will go through a color grading process to ensure it is  of optimal quality. Your footage will be Full HD or even 4K to meet your needs.

We work with your budget. If you need boats, exotic cars, lasers, a hundred actors… we can make that happen. We are also more than comfortable filming you and your friends having a jam session. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate.

Contact us today to get started on making your vision become a reality.