Studio A is where everything sound happens. Live instruments and voices are recorded in our custom tuned live room, isolation booth, and cabinet isolation boxes with a wide array of  microphones which are all routed to our state of the art Studio A control room. The signal passes through class A channel strips ultimately ending up in our industry standard Protools HD system containing just about every plug in under the sun. This is ultimately controlled by our experienced and knowledgable audio engineers who know exactly how to shape sound to get you the best product possible.



UAD Apollo 16 X2

RAMSA 20 channel console

SPL Mixdream X2

Avalon 737

4 channels of NEVE 8100 with EQ

4 channels of SSL 9000 with EQ and dynamics

2 channels of Yamaha PM100 with EQ racked by O.W.A.

2 channels of Altec 1589b

2 channels of MINDPRINT DTC with EQ and dynamics

8 channels of DACS Clear Blue

6 channels of DBX VCA Compressors moded by Revive Audio

2 channels of APHEX EXCITER

2 channels of BBE Sonic Mazimizer

T.C. electronics Finalizer 96k

Vintage Audio MSLtx Quad VCA Buss Compressor

OTARI MTR-10 Tape machine


U87I Matched Pair

C12 Matched Pair

AKG D112 X2

Josephson C42 X2

Shure SM57 X2

Audix D6 X3

Audix D2 X4

Audix D4 X2

Sennheiser E906 X2

Sennheiser MD 421 II X 4


Yamaha SKRM100