Pristine A/V’s 600 sf live room is also the perfect rehearsal space! We can cater to a small band or large “big swing bands”. The rehearsal room is not only spacious, but comfortable. It has high ceilings and balanced acoustics through the use of meticulously placed baffles.  All this while maintaining an artistic vibe.


This room is tuned to perfection and sounds absolutely amazing! It’s big enough to fit any band comfortably and we have a full range PA system with fx to run your vocals and instruments though.

Contact us to schedule your rehearsal times now!


Live Room Gear List

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with matching 4×12 cabinet loaded with Vintage 30’s

LIne6/Bogner Spider Valve mkII

Custom void less birch 4×12 cabinet loaded with 4×12 EV Black Label Speakers

Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga 10 12 14 22

Crush hand hammered brass snare

Pearl Forum 12 13 16 22 with 14×5 snare

4x10bass cabinet

2000 watt P.A.

Don’t forget to ask us about our professional live recordings!