Everything we touch will be delivered at the utmost, radio ready quality with all the loudness you need while maintaining a truly dynamic sound. It will be carefully molded by our engineers with access to our massive library of industry standard software and analog mastering gear.


In 2012 Apple introduced Mastered For iTunes (MFiT) – a combination of practices and tools that allow us to help ensure that your fans have the highest quality listening experience with iTunes purchased music no matter where they listen. iTunes has very specific specifications for and sadly not all studios are able or willing to go through the special mastering process, leaving you with a record that just doesn’t sound its best when put up in the iTunes store. Here at Pristine we are willing and able to supply you with your specialized iTunes master.


Width,  Warmth Loudness and Dynamics is what you can expect from us!!!!

Our mastering process may consist of but not limited to :

Critical Listening

EQ (corrective and boosting)

Multi-Band Compression

Stereo Compression


Mid/Side Processing




Set The Song Order

Set The Space Between Songs


Delivered 44.1- 96k file, ready to be put on a CD or uploaded for online distribution or streaming.


Punch, Clean, Clear, and Color!!!!